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This is my first time using minecraft and it seems that you should be using a premium account to left all the blocked features on a free account. After searching the web i found this website and it's pretty promising since it is free to use. Since it is free i tried it i wont lose anything because it's free. after generating my account and logged on minecraft the result is PERFECT! why should i waste my money spending for a premium account when you can get it here for free? thanks minecraftproaccounts.com
James Bulkmonth
This website f**king amazing! I am really glad i search the web first and found this website before purchasing a minecraft premium account. Many thanks to the creators!
Af first i was quite hesistant on completing the survey but after doing so, (which is free anyway so nothing to lose at all) i was shock with the results! i've a super working premium minecraft account.!!!
It's your lose if you don't try this website! This is free anyway. Super thanks minecraftproaccounts.com
Hey man I just wanted to say thank you very much for Minecraft account :) It worked like a charm and I really needed it.
I thought it wasn't gonna work. But it did!!! Thanks for the free minecraft account I'll recommend to friends/family that need it.